Shaman - Jeff Owen - Fine Art

Shaman by Jeff Owen

Many of the Shamans shown here have been sold.

The Shaman shown are samples of what you will see at my shows.

Making Spirit Shaman Video (Click Arrow to Watch)

My outdoor and indoor Shamans, standing Shamans, and wall mounted Shamans add warmth, love, and peace to your home. Each face is hand created with a variety of mediums; paint, glass, beads, feathers, resins, and wonderful items.

Some of my Shaman sculptures have 12 volt LED lights installed behind the  Shaman that make them glow off the wall.

Each sculpture is a unique personality, created with love and never ending spirit.  My Peace Shaman represent the divine infinite, the earth, the sun, and the spirit we all share. The texture, colors, and designs are all individual. 

Bring my Peace Shaman into your home and make them part of your life. 

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