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294 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 324 325 326 327 328 427 450 600 700 800 900 1200 1976 20150118 011 012 013 015 100pct 11x8 123 main street 12x16 1950's 49a 72dpi abeque abstract abstract painting abstract photography abstract sculpture abstract wall sculpture abstraction acrylic painting acrylic painting by jeff owen actor acts adaway aimee airport alexandra alicia alison alluvion alone alonzo aluminum aluminum scupture amazon amber american indian anciaux anna lynne mccord anselmo apartment apprentice aquarium arches arnold art ascension assemblage assemblage sculpture attitude awards balance beam sculpture balance sculpture ball baloon barbedwire bay beach bedroom beginning bell benicia bighorn billy bird of paradise sculpture bird on water black black and white blackhawk blanket bliss bloom blue blue paper clip blue sculpture bluejay boggle bolden bonjour bookstore booth borrego springs bowling box brannagh brass brave breakers6 bricks bridge brie brigid bronze bronze patina by by jeff owen ca california campbell canning capitola carley carly carwash cassidy chair sculpture chairs chakra champion changes in latitude char chastity sculpture cheesecloth cheyenne christmas christopher cilgant city classic sculpture clipper clouds clubs cody coffee table cohn cole colorpeople colors commission commission sculpture commission sculpture for corona company concept contemporary copper corona4 corten steel sculpture cosmos couleurs1 creamer crescent crossroads cube sculpture cubism cubit custom end table custom furniture custom logo custom steel cyclist dallas dance dancer dancer sculpture danielle dantu daritian darkheart david desert desertmoon1 desire sculpture detail diamonds digital digital oil digital watercolor dining dopple dora double downtown downtown sculpture drawing dream dream weaver durango1 dustin dwane eagle eagles earring earth earth shaman eighty elements emerald emerald bay enamel ends equine escape evening expression face faith fallingwater family feather feather staff feathers festival1 fine art fine art furniture fine art glass fine art sculpture finley fire fire dancer fire hydrant fire pit fire pit sculpture fire sculpture fireplace fireplug firetree fish fish art fish mobile fish sculpture fishelle flames flannery football sculpture ford form four frakes francisco freedom frozen fused glass fused glass sculpture fusion fusion 8 fusion1 fusion2 fusion3 fusion4 fusion5 fusion6 fusion7 fusion8 gabriel garden gattaca gg1 glass glass and metal sculpture glass and steel art glass art glass sculpture gold golden color golden gate golden hair gomez gotham graphic grass green green bay football sculpture green patina greenbay greg grid1 grimes harvest hawaiianwaves hawk head of a woman heartandsoul hearts heat hokkaido hoobastank hood horse horse sculpture howard howell hug i beam sculpture iconic photo illusion image sculpture in inclusion injection 4 innuendo interval intuition inverse iron maiden ironworks sculpture jackson jai jarrett jasmine jason silva jean jeff jeff owen jeff owen art sculpture jeff owen artworks jeff owen sculpture jeff owen shaman jeffowen jeffowenlogo1 jeffowenlogowhite400 jeffowenlogowhite500 jennifer jeremy jessica jimmy joa joalogogray jocularity journey joy jugler kaifu kane sculpture kanin kanji karim kate ken kevin kinetic kinetic fish kinetic fish mobile kinetic fish sculpture kinetic sculpture kinetic wall sculpture kiper kites1 ko kokopele kokopelli kristen kyla lafevre laguna lake lake tahoe lakota large painting large sculpture latitude latte lauren leap leather seat leaves leavinghome led leighton libros little black dress logo lone longo lotus louis lovers lucky shaman luke maar madeline magician manaquin manhattan manhattan1 marc demian marisol martin martini masters matt maui max legavere metal metal and glass sclulpture metal art metal art sculpture metal art sculpture by jeff owen metal art sculpture on wall metal horse metal portrait metal sculpture metal sculpture by jeff owen metal scupture metal wall art metal wall sculpture metro metropolis metropolitan michael michelle modern modern 1 modernism mollen moment montalvo monterey moon moonrise morning mount hood mount san jacinto mountain mountain sculpture mountains mouthman movimiento moving wall sculpture muse mustang narita native american native american headdress native american sculpture native american shaman neon new york new york penthouse nichols nicolette night nirvana nm no.22 no2 nockneed nocturn non nude obverse ocean oil oil paint oil painting by jeff owen om onc one one of a kind opening orange orange sunset orbit oregon other side of midnight outdoor sculpture owen page paint painted horse painted sculpture painted steel sculpture painting painting by jeff owen paintings palette knife palette knife painting palm palm desert palm springs park parking lot path patina peace pen and ink drawing penetration perception pharaoh photograph photography picasso picasso painting pick pickled_martini pink pizzazz1 plant planter plexiglass sculpture point pole popout2 portland portland street possibly powder coat sculpture powder coated powder coating powells city of books pratt prelude primary color sculpture purse puzzle sculpture. rachelle rain rainbowrain raindrops rainy rancho ranchomirage random recycled metal sculpture by jeff owen recycled sculpture recycled steel recycled steel sculpture recycled steel. red red ball red barn red painted ball red sculpture reeds reeds sculpture reflection representational repurposed metal resume revelry rhinstones rich rider riley rise and fall rising ritter river rock rocking chairs rodriguez rooker room sculpture ross island round barn rust sculpture rusty sacramone saguaro sail saint johns bridge samantha san francisco san francisco photo sand santa cruz santa fe santacruz1 santafe1 sausalito scene sculpture sculpture by jeff owen sculpturewinefestival scuplture scupture seated sedona selina seven foot tall sf photo shaman shaman 287 shaman headdress shaman sculpture shaman012 shamana sculpture shamans shaun shot glass sidewalk sign signature sculpture six skyline sliver small shamans smoke snow cap socorro sold solitude sommer sonora sopha sorbo sounder south west art southside southwest art southwest art. southwest sculpture southwestern art spades spire spirit spirit shaman spirit shaman totem spiritual spools spray paint painting spring squeezer st johns st. johns bridge stabile stafford stags leap stainless stainless steel stainless steel sculpture stairs stairway standing shaman sculpture stays at home steel steel and glass art steel art steel sculpture steelhead steelhead fish stephen baldwin stevens sticks stix stone storm stormcatcher street sugar summer solstice sumpter sunrise sunset super synthesis synthesis ii table table sculpture tabletop tabletop sculpture tabletop shaman tabletop size tahoe tahquitz creek tailgate tall tall sculpture talus taranto taylor teegarden telephone tempus terminal terrance the eyes have it the lakehouse theappartment thread three thunder tiburon tilt time tom topten toub tower toy train tree tree. fire treehouse sculpture treehouse with swing trees tressle triangle trio trojan tulips ture turin turning leaf unbound up vail vector vector art verbatim vermont verona vertigo vesuvius viewpoint vision walking wall wall art metal wall sculpture wall sculpture video wall shaman wanderer warrior water watercolor wedge wedge1 weston where white willamette river willow glen wind sculpture window windswept winter winters woman woodwork xit xxvii yard art yoga sculpture ywhy zane zima
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