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Sedona, Alamogordo, Tucson, Texas city, Alamo, along the trail, the path, the history, the making of mankind, the making of North America, the path that is followed and traversed, following the path of the ancestors. Imagining the journey of the elders, the statesmen, the chief, and the medicine man, the family, and the children. Showing and explaining that path to the following, the tribe, the group. Seeing the beauty of the earth and world in the stars, clouds, earth, and water. Intuitive with the spirits, dreaming the dreams of the high spirits through the high spirits. Sensing the spirits in the land and water and sky. Shamans speak for all who are here, have been here, and those who have passed into the great beyond.

A Shaman representing the divine infinite, the earth, the sun, and the spirit we all share. The Shaman is chosen, appointed, or called to be a Shaman, and he or she has practically always denied, refuted, or resisted until an event calls upon this individual. This begins the calling. The Great Spirits of those things taken from nature that fed and clothed the people are the force of decision. The ancients believed that the Shamans could transform themselves into different states of consciousness, thus the representations of those entering the dream world, or spirit journeys.

The Shaman was believed to possess supernatural powers received trough trances and dreams. He or she was responsible for healing the sick, revealing the arcane, and controlling events that affected the fertility of game, crops, game animals and the tribe itself. The Shaman was transformed into different entities during the ceremonial trance.

The subject matter is my interpretation of a Shaman. The inspiration derived from a petroglyph ancient carving on rock cliffs found throughout the Southwest rendered in my own design in a contemporary three dimensional form.

My Shaman are each and every one, one of a kind, special and unique. The texture, colors, and designs are all individual. I have been inspired by my love of the Southwest and love of ancient Native American pictographs and petroglyph.

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